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It fell on a day at Garissa University College in East African country of Kenya. Young men and women have travelled from all
over the country to study at this higher intuition of learning to harvest the fruits of years of financial investment from their parents, friends and well-wishers.

A group of Islamic militants known as Al-Shabaab which is an off shoot of Al-Qaeda with ISIS as the parent inspirer based in the Middle East stormed the Kenyan University at dawn on Thursday the 2nd of April and deliberately separated Christians from Muslims and mercilessly spray the Christians with Bullets killing about 149 and leaving at least 79 wounded.

The Bible makes it explicitly clear in 1 Corinthians 12:26-27 that if one member of the body of Christ suffers the rest all suffer. What affect one part of the body affects all. And for that reason we must all rally to the defense and comfort of the hurting.

Isis which means “throne” was the name of a goddess; ‘one of the leaders behind the building of the tower of Babel’. After God scattered Nimrod and his compatriots from building the Tower of Babel in Genesis chapter 11, two major leaders behind the tower of Babel were known by different names throughout the Middle East. In Israel they were known as Asteroth and Baal whiles the Greeks referred to them as Aphrodite and Adonis. The Romans referred to them as Venus and Cupid whiles the Egyptians referred to them as ISIS and Horis.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia asserts that Isis was a woman who was first worshiped in Ancient Egyptian religion, and later her worship spread throughout the Roman Empire and the greater Greco-Roman world. It goes on to affirm that Isis is still widely worshiped by many pagans today in diverse religious contexts; including a number of distinct pagan religions, the modern Goddess movement, and interfaith organizations such as the Fellowship of Isis. (an international spiritual organization devoted to promoting awareness of the Goddess. It is dedicated specifically to the Egyptian goddess Isis because the FOI co-founders believed Isis best represented the energies of the dawning Aquarian Age. The FOI is a multi-faith, multi-racial, and multi-cultural organization, and despite worshipping pagan deities, does not consider itself to be a Neopagan faith, with its co-founder Olivia Robertson stating in 2002): (

The spirit behind the building of the Tower of Babel was a spirit that resists the freedom of believers in the Bible to freely exercise their worship. Remember what happened to the Israelites when they were in Egypt. Again according to the Wikipedia Isis was an important representation of the pharaoh's power. Pharaoh was depicted as her child. who sat on the throne she provided( Whiles in Egypt the Israelites suffered domination, slavery, humiliation, bondage, religious restriction and limitation until God through Moses demanded that pharaoh “Let my people go” Exodus 8:1.

The ideology of ISIS has become the basis of tenet of every traditional religion all over the globe after nations were born in Genesis chapter 11. Traditional religions of almost every nation on earth fights against Christians from exercising their freedom of worship. In some parts of Ghana for example churches are banned from playing drums during the traditional festival of some tribes. Not too long ago Rev Tackie Yarboi founder and General Overseer of Victory Bible Church was  viciously attacked and beaten during the traditional celebration of Homowo in the the Greater Accra Region for the simple reason that His church expressed their freedom of worship and played drums during the festival.

In the United States of America there is a growing ideology that is fighting against Christians and the Church from exercising our freedom of worship. Prayer is taking out of schools. God is being taking out the constitution whiles Christmas season has been redefined by some counties as just holiday season.

ISIS did not just surface in our modern world. The ISIS we are witnessing today is just a re-emergence of the ideology which has been around since God began His redemptive work on earth with the primary purpose of taking away the freedom of right to worship from Christians. The brutal murder of Christians in Kenya, beheadings of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya among many others is the latest wake up call for Christians to rise up as ambassadors and enforce our son-ship right through PRAYER.

Praying for Kenya, Christians is praying for the Church, standing in the gap in prayer is a demonstration of our conviction in the power of our God who specializes in pulling down strongholds. Praying for Kenya is to resist the onslaught of the spirit and ideology of Isis. Praying for Kenya is a call for the Church to take responsibility in prayer until God will is done on earth.

Christians cannot make up the excuses that these are the signs of the end times. Scriptures says “if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray……………2 Chronicles 7:14, Our God then will answer our prayers and fill the earth with the knowledge of His glory as the waters cover the sea Habakuk 2:14.


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