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The Principle of Grammar

We need a literary study of the scriptures because there is no magical meaning to scriptures. Before nations were born in Genesis 11, earliest form of Woodblock printing dating back to Roman Egypt in  the fourth century and dictionary was developed God accommodated himself to man’s understanding and dictionary meaning of the word TESTAMENT which have had the same meaning since the beginning of time. In the Bible a noun is a noun, a verb is a verb and figure of speech is a figure of speech

2 Peter 1:20, Knowing this first that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation

To study the grammar, we must look at the sentence, the prepositions, pronouns, verbs, nouns, and phrases, dependent clauses and the subordinate phrases? We must study how the words relate to each other in the sentences and in the paragraphs in order to study carefully. The careful interpreter will observe "little things!"

Example 1: In Matt. 28:19-20, for example, we have the Great Commission—"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them... 'teaching them to observe all that I commanded you... “(the New American Standard Bible).

As you first read it, "Go" sounds like a verb; "make disciples..., baptizing... teaching" all sound like verbs. But as you study the sentence, you find there's only one verb, matheteusate, "make disciples." "Go" is nothing more than a participle. "Baptizing," is a participle, and "teaching," is a participle, which means they modify the main verb. What the Great Commission says is, "Make disciples," and "teach." When you understand that, the fullness of that concept comes out of the text.

Example 2: The scripture says in Matthew 3:16 that the Spirit of God descended on Jesus ‘like’ a dove after he was baptized by John. The passage does not suggest that the Holy Spirit is a dove. The word ‘Like’ is a simile which makes reference to semblance or characteristics. What it means is that the dove possess character attributes that can be found in the Holy Spirit. So doing a comprehensive study on the characteristic of the dove will let us have a better understanding of the character, functions and operations of the Holy Spirit. Attributes which are to be seen in the life of everyone baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Remember there are no magical meanings to scripture. Simple rules of grammar have to be applied if we desire to have a better understanding of scripture.

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