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Intercession means pleading with God on behalf of someone or Nation. The Art is something that can be learned and developed which makes it a skill. The objective of the ART is to master the skill to always flow with the current of the Holy Spirit. In Prov 30:18-19 King Solomon talks about three things that baffle his mind. These animals all have terrains on their way that can hinder their movements. However they are able to make it and that is what amazes King Solomon.


In a similar way in intercession we thread on paths that do not favor our movement. In other words there are barriers which opposes our prayers. These barriers are spiritual hence spiritual warfare. To be able to pray through and breakthrough here are some keys. The Eagle, Ship and Serpent all flow with the current. Bible likens us to the Eagle. Our success in intercession depends on been able to flow with the current.


To give a practical illustration I will just use you as an example. I am sure there are times when you wanted to pray and all you felt and enjoyed doing was to sing and sing over and over and other times is the other way round. There might have been some days you woke up and did not feel like eating or going out and enjoy nothing but to pray or worship.  To follow the current is to just do as you sense the Spirit impressing on your heart. Leading a group however is different and can be complex if you do not know how to get the group to also flow with you in the same direction (this can only be learned by association)


Practically during the ART of intercession one major target is to be able to have a release from heaviness, the flesh, abdominal pains, tiredness, sleepiness etc. Once you get into the flow praying no more becomes a struggle. In fact after 40 minutes or so, that is when you are actually ready and excited to pray. The whole process becomes smooth, joyful and exciting. At this level you can pray at the same tempo, loudness or zeal for a long time without getting tired because the Spirit had taken over Romans 8:26-27. This is where I call the “Plateau Stage”.


One key to get to the plateau stage is how you take off. Some do begin intercession with intense shouting. That is not wise. Your voice can choke in about 15 to 20 minutes or so. It is good to take off with low voice but once you get into the flow everything changes and your voice remains at a stable level.


The next key that will sustain you through the length of the meeting or prayer is the amount of the word (logos) or scriptures you have in your spirit. One characteristics of the Eagle is the ability to see afar off Job 39:27-30. The eagle has what I call telescopic eyes that enable it to see far into where it can find prey. In intercession the Spirit of God will help us see far into the future victory. We then pray in the midst of contrary winds and spiritual barriers until we have a release in our Spirit of answered prayers.

This release comes in the form of laughter, inner joy. Word of prophecy, dancing etc. once we sense a release the answers manifest in the natural. This answers the need to know that God hears our prayers so we do not flet, doubt or waver.


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7 Keys To Fulfilling Your Dream


There are two types of Christians you should not be. Do not be like the prodigal son who was not spiritually minded and had no desire to maintain and build relationship with the father but was just interested in his inheritance. Also you do not want to


be like the elder brother of the prodigal son who was only interested in his father’s business but cared less and was ignorant about his inheritance. You must be a Christian who has the passion to build a relationship with the father and ready to discover principles that will help you fulfill your dreams and possess your inheritance.

In this book you will find some valuable Biblical principles; with which you can unlock every barrier that stands between you and the fulfillment of your dreams, aspirations and vision. You can use these keys to activate the grace of God on your life and receive unction from the Holy Spirit to actualize your dreams which can become monuments in this life blessing generations.



Experience God's Glory- The Ultimate blessing 4 The True Worshipper

This step-by-step manual helps Christians improve their relationship with God and position them to encounter and enjoy God’s glory. Readers will discover how to prepare their sacrifices and season them with prayers, as well as celebrate their faith by employing the “expressive mediums” found in the Tabernacle of David to appropriate God’s glory into their lives. Filled with biblical exegesis and a life-transforming message, this book will prepare you to enjoy God’s best—His glory.

“Readers will have a deeper understanding of how the old and new tabernacles were established and how they both exist in the New Testament, and especially how to inculcate them into their lives,” says Annan. “Understanding and [being] able to relate to both tabernacles in this New Testament era is crucial to worshipping God in spirit and in truth.”

Prior to giving his life to Christ, Annan was a pop dancer who performed at various functions. When he got saved, God used his special gifts to minister to people and bring them to the altar for worship. As soon as he became aligned with Christ and became consistent with the expressions of his faith, he achieved success; provision; inner strength; and the realization of his dreams, visions, and prosperity.



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