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Arguments have been made by sections of both secular and religious relics ever since I became a Christian that Jesus Christ and His disciples never used musical instruments so it is scripturally wrong to use them in the New Testament Church.


We have seen in our previous studies that musical instruments are one of many forms of cultural expressions of any group of people. Anything can be use to make a sound and thus become a musical instrument. Any material elements that have become of a symbolic meaning with the cultural experiences of a people, tribe or nation.

In Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-44; John 12:12-19 we read of a Biblical account popularly known as the triumphant entry. Here the story is told of Jesus riding on a donkey decorated with garments of the disciples and streets carpeted with the garments and palm branches of great multitude.


At that point in history Jesus was approaching His death in Jerusalem. From Bethphage He sent His disciples to go find an ass (donkey) in a specified location and bring it to Him. Jesus sat on a donkey and rode to Jerusalem with multitudes coming from all corners of the city with palm branches and singing Psalm 118:25-26 Hosanna to the son of David. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.


The Chief Priest and the Scribes demanded of Jesus to quieting His followers. Instead Jesus quoted a scripture in the Old Testament supporting the cultural celebration taken place. He affirmed that as long as the earth abides God had ordained, instituted the cultural celebration of Praise Matt 21:12-16; Psa 8:2.


Under the subheading  Symbolism the Wikipeda, the on-line encyclopedia commenting on palm branches put it this way ‘it is a common custom in many lands in the ancient Near East to cover, in some way, the path of someone thought worthy of the highest honor. The Hebrew Bible (2 kings 9:13) reports that Jehu, son of Jehoshaphat, was treated this way. All the Gospels report that people gave Jesus this form of honor.


The palm branch was s symbol of triumph and of victory, in Jewish tradition and is treated in other parts of the Bible as such e.g. Leviticus 23:40.

Prophetic interpretation


Matthew quotes this passage from Zechariah 9:9. when narrating the story of Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem. (Matthew 21:4-5). Meaning the event of the triumphant entry


was a fulfillment to prophecy. God took the form of a man, came on earth and actually led His tribesmen in the celebration of culture. What a historic moment.


Remember the materials they used (Palm branches) for the celebration had a significant symbolic meaning to them: Victory and Triumph. (nothing immoral or profane, satanic or evil. Those are not acceptable because evil communication corrupt good manners 1 Cor 15:33).


In the same way different peoples have various state, city, village or national historic and cultural symbols with deep, emotional, dignity, pride and significant meanings to them. E.g. is the statue of liberty ………………in the American history and Gye Nyame (Except God) symbol of the people of Ghana……….. The Ghanaian royal cloth ‘Kentey’ given as a gift to dignitaries, presidents communicates our appreciation, confidence, and praise for the recipient. If humans can bestow honors upon other human. What’s wrong in doing that to the maker of all things and creator of man? He deserve more than that.


Celebration culture is being appreciative of God for the earth, the ecosystem, micro and macrocosm and the world He has put you in. Remember the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Psalm’ 24:1.

I seem to worry about Christians who have allowed this argument to encroach  into their thinking so much that denominations have been form who try to shy away from expressions in worship and praise but its impossible because cultural and human expressions comes in a package into the human intuitiveness. Once you sing from a hymnbook, respond with Amen or applause you have subscribed to all the other forms of expressions in worship and praise. If you do not believe in expressions then you must as well not talk, eat, shed tears or even wake up when you sleep. You can see it’s not possible because these are parts of our Anthropological make up. I will deal with this in another topic: The Tabernacle of David- human expression in Praise and Worship. But for more detail exposition get my book Experience God’s Glory – the ultimate blessing for the true worshipper.


These books will enrich your spiritual life and deepen your understanding. Get one and extra for your friends

7 Keys To Fulfilling Your Dream


There are two types of Christians you should not be. Do not be like the prodigal son who was not spiritually minded and had no desire to maintain and build relationship with the father but was just interested in his inheritance. Also you do not want to


be like the elder brother of the prodigal son who was only interested in his father’s business but cared less and was ignorant about his inheritance. You must be a Christian who has the passion to build a relationship with the father and ready to discover principles that will help you fulfill your dreams and possess your inheritance.

In this book you will find some valuable Biblical principles; with which you can unlock every barrier that stands between you and the fulfillment of your dreams, aspirations and vision. You can use these keys to activate the grace of God on your life and receive unction from the Holy Spirit to actualize your dreams which can become monuments in this life blessing generations.



Experience God's Glory- The Ultimate blessing 4 The True Worshipper

This step-by-step manual helps Christians improve their relationship with God and position them to encounter and enjoy God’s glory. Readers will discover how to prepare their sacrifices and season them with prayers, as well as celebrate their faith by employing the “expressive mediums” found in the Tabernacle of David to appropriate God’s glory into their lives. Filled with biblical exegesis and a life-transforming message, this book will prepare you to enjoy God’s best—His glory.

“Readers will have a deeper understanding of how the old and new tabernacles were established and how they both exist in the New Testament, and especially how to inculcate them into their lives,” says Annan. “Understanding and [being] able to relate to both tabernacles in this New Testament era is crucial to worshipping God in spirit and in truth.”

Prior to giving his life to Christ, Annan was a pop dancer who performed at various functions. When he got saved, God used his special gifts to minister to people and bring them to the altar for worship. As soon as he became aligned with Christ and became consistent with the expressions of his faith, he achieved success; provision; inner strength; and the realization of his dreams, visions, and prosperity.



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