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Not only has God saved us and separated us from the world unto Himself that we should live our lives according to His standards as peculiar people but most importantly God had set us apart, sanctify us to use us

for His purpose and to give us a destiny, a hope and a future, an expected end that is assuring yet no man can define. God then will have to have a free hand to manage our lives. When God brought the people of Israel from Egypt He made them unto Himself a peculiar people Ex 19:5, Deu 14:2, Deu 26:18, Psalm 135:4. He took them out of Egypt to send them into the Promised Land Deu 6:23 and committed Himself in making sure that the promised destiny came to pass for sure but it was on condition that the people of Israel will live as peculiar people among all the nations.

In a number of occasions God was displeased about their choice of ways and conduct of life. They began to put on them ornaments and God classified them as stiff necked people because THEY LIMITED GOD IN MANAGING THEIR LIVES Exodus 33:1-6.




These are stuff that Christians hold unto that has taken our attention, time and focus from God. These things become habits and attitudes and stand between us and God and eventually become idols to our lives. We tend to give much of our affection and commitment to them and thus hinder our spiritual growth.


They range from getting glued to the internet, television, bad companionship, magazines, romantic books, pornography, sports, the use of telephone, talking and many more. The trick of the devil is to make the Christian spend more and more time on these things whiles spending less and less time on reading the bible, worship, communicating with God or prayer and even church. We end up loosing the passion for worship, holiness and Evangelism. We will make up excuses to justify our carnal life style bribing God to compromise His standards if it were possible but fortunately not. We enjoy feeding the flesh and dictate to God the effect of the work of repentance in our lives telling God after repentance some habits will take time to leave our lives so we need some time to quit and that there can’t be instant repentance. Remember repentance is a change of mind and a double minded person is unstable in all his ways James 1:8.


When we do not live God’s standard and put on all kinds of ornaments, we grieve God and limit His hand upon our us to have the freedom to direct and manage our lives and to do what He pleases with our lives and to bring us into that great destiny. Psalm 78:29-41.


We must live as God’s peculiar treasure and allow God to order our steps into the future He has for us.


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