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Everything God created including man is for His pleasure to give Him worship Rev 4:11. Even the heavens declare the glory of God Psalm 19::1

Our lives are written epistles of what God can do. They tell the story of God’s goodness and interventions in the affairs of men.


As written in 1 peter 2:9 after God has cleared us from the guilt of sin and spiritual death and has changed our position from living in darkness into His marvelous light, we must declare His Praises.


We declare His praises with our lives. People must see the light reflect through us until all creation come to conviction that God’s mercies endures forever.


The best way to be a people of praise in the context of the text is to live our lives as unique, peculiar people from the world, awkward and strange in character to the people of the world.


Psalm 148:14 declares God exalt the horn of His people. Horn typifies strength and the strength of His people, His saints, Christians is His goodness, salvation, deliverance, orchestrations of His Power in our day to day lives. The STRENGTH IS OUR PRAISE. How incumbent on us to live truly as Peculiar People Jer 13:11, Zeph 3:20

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