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Christianity is a relationship with the God of creation. Just like any other relationship, it brings along certain realities, which must be understood if we are to benefit from it.


If a person receives the Lord Jesus Christ as his or her personal savior, they are translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. We become new creatures and these realities are referred to as ‘New Creation Realities’. Among them are three basic ones which are: your position or who you are in Christ, your inheritance or what you have in Christ and your potentials or what you can do in Christ.


Our new position in Christ qualifies us to relate spiritually to heaven and physically to earth but most often Christians do not know or do not have full understanding of how to relate to earth or the physical world because we do not have a good understanding of our inheritance or what we have in Christ. As such, Christians walk with defeated mentality, loser’s attitude, tongue of excuses, always blaming somebody for their failures and equate poverty and lack to spirituality.(THIS BOOK DEALS IN DETAILS ON YOUR INHERITANCE - What You Have In Christ; AND SHOWS YOU HOW TO POSSESS THEM).


Do not be that prince who walks on the ground.  Do not be the head who is trailing behind in life. Do not be the heir who is still under tutors when he is of age and matured to be in charge of affairs.


As you walk through the pages of this book you will find keys to apply to discover and possess your inheritance. The writer of the book of Acts assures us that the Bible which helps us to grow in our relationship with God is able slso to give us an inheritance (Acts 20:32).


Between spiritual growth and possessing your inheritance, the Christian must know which principle or keys in the Bible to apply.  I have identified some keys in this book which when applied will help the Christian on the road to seeing his or her dream come to reality.  These keys will help you discover your gifts, talents and potentials and propel you to become an instrument of blessing to your generation.


These keys are not optional. They need to be applied if you desire to see your dreams come to pass. Jesus said in (John 12:24) that except a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies (go through the process or stages of growth) it abides alone and if you dare not be fruitful you will be cut down (Matt 7:19). You must find these keys.


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