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Jesus had shown man the way to salvation John 14:6, the concept of sacrifice Luke 9:23             , the golden rule John 13:34 just to mention a few. The disciples had become so much confident in Him and never dreamt He would leave them in anyway and in the fashion which He did.  


The day came that Jesus will have to go through the process of sacrifice. The agony of the process made Him to request if possible that the father would change the plan Matthew 26:42. Yet with the magnitude of the pain, the endurance needed to bear the cross, maltreatment in the hands of sinful men, and the torture, Jesus enters Jerusalem (the very place where he was going to be crucified) in an unprecedented fashion; in grand style.


Let us consider some of the lessons we can deduce from the Triumphant Entry; what Jesus Christ was teaching us from the way He approached His humiliating death.


1. Even though the sacrifices we make in following Him may be demanding our end is never going to be that of shame and defeat so we should live the Christian life with a victorious spirit and a positive mentality.


2. He was confident of breaking free from the sting of death and the confines of the grave and rise up again so we will follow Him with a willing mind and a willing heart 2 Cor 8:11-12 knowing that because He rose we will also rise if we die before His return.


3. For the confidence with which He approached his death we will be assured that He is surely coming back with the same confidence so that with hope, patience and holiness wait for His return as a church without blame, spot or wrinkle Eph 5:27.


4. Because He went to hell, the headquarters of Satan and defeated him and took the keys of hell and death and made a public spectacle of all principalities and powers Col 2:15, when we engage in spiritual warfare in His Name all the powers of darkness will kowtow before us.


5. Once in hell He took back the authority Mr Adam gave to Satan  in the Garden of Eden  so in His name the delegated authority bestowed on us is efficacious.


6. Because all of devils tactics against Him did not succeed, we can be assured that if there be enemies against us a thousand will fall at our side and ten thousand at our right side only with our eyes shall we behold the downfall of our enemies Psalm 91:1-7.


7. Because He dispossessed the devil of all His powers, when he and his cohorts plans against us He sits in the heavens and just laugh Psalm 2:1-4 because He acts as our referee and will never blow the whistle until we win. Hallelujah.


8. By entering Jerusalem and facing Satan, death, hell and dreaded situation on our behalf we can trust Him for all the promises He’s given us. We can lean on Him.


9. By His example we know we might go through difficulties, challenges and many afflictions but deliverance is now available to those established on mount Zion and members of the household of faith.


10. Every prophecy in the Old Testament about Him was fulfilled and every thing He said will happen to Him and will go through actually happened. He layed down His life and took it back and resurrected on the third day. That shows that Jesus Christ the Nazarene is the only true Messiah whiles all other self acclaimed messiahs of other religions are false because they have nothing to prove.


11. The grave could not hold Him captive, Satan could not keep Him bound, even Mary the mother of Jesus and the other Mary did not succeed in embalming Him with traditional spices. That tells me that no (disciple), true worshipper, who follow Jesus Christ the messiah and serve Him will remain bound by the negatives of life.


12. Because we are in the world the systems of the world may and of course can affect us but it is just for a little while and the God of all grace will establish, strengthen, and settle you 1 Peter 5:10.


Be blessed and stay Inspired!!!



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